Farsophone Association

Our vision is that our community as a whole and its members as individuals be able to achieve their potential materially, socially and culturally, and to play active and positive roles as individuals and as a community in life in the UK

Our Mission is to mobilise and empower the community to achieve the above vision in harmony and mutual support with other minority and mainstream communities and organisations.

Our community includes all those of Iranian origin and all those who speak, or have an interest in, any of the languages of Iran or its culture.

Our values


Community: participation by all parts of the community and a potentially wide remit

Organisation: democratic with a constitution and management structure

  • Be an independent organisation with no governmental, political or religious association
  • Treat people with respect
  • Promote equal opportunities and be against discrimination on grounds of age, gender, race, disability, faith, sexual orientation
  • Be open to all parts of our community and others including the mainstream – Transparency and openness to participation
  • Be a learning organisation
  • Be concerned with the long term interests of the community
  • Recognise that all parts of the community provide sources of strengths: all can contribute and all have needs

Either share my pain            Or teach me a remedy

You avoid ignorant me              Mix with me or teach me


Farsophone Volunteers

Volunteers and volunteering are central to our association’s culture. We value our paid staff highly and they play important roles. However, volunteers inspire most of our activities, volunteers lead them, and volunteers carry them out. Beside our three part-time employees we have 40-60 volunteers at any one time. Their time contribution ranges from a few days per year for special occasions to regular hours or days per week. More important, they bring a range of professional skills and experiences as well as personal talent and inspiration to our mix. In all our work we aim to comply with relevant professional standards and best practice.

Mutual support and social cohesion

We hope to support, create and nurture formal and informal networks. We hope to contribute to a strong sense of cohesion within our community (e.g., between generations or between those relatively new to the UK and those long settled here). Each one of us can learn much from others in the community.

We hope to help and encourage understanding and appreciation between our community and all communities in the UK, especially the “mainstream”. There is much that we can learn from the experiences and achievements of the British people, much that we can share with them of our own, and hopefully much that we can all cherish in our common life now and in the future.

Constitution of Farsophone


Edgwre Library Hale Lane Edgware, HA8 8NN

+44 0208 905 5522